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Lincoln's Grace


Lincoln’s Grace  

Composed during his miraculous recovery from an attack by a bull, December 2012




Thank you earth so soft and strong,

Thank you meadow filled with song.

Thank you mountain, forest and stream,

By you we rest and find our dream.

Thank you creatures wild and tame,

Your trust we love and hope to gain.

Thank you for your milk and fleece

And for your meat that we may eat.

Thank you root and leaf and seed

We’ll not forget your wondrous deed.

You hold the earth you catch the rain

You fill the world with air again.

Thank you wind for bringing rain,

Please help our friends who are in pain.

For us who thirst and cry from hunger

Please bring hope, life and wonder.

Thank you moon for guidance and grace,

For heart-bent flowers with dew drop lace.

Thank you sun as day begins,

For golden light by angel wings.

With thankful hearts and open hands,

We ask to share your loving lands.

 -Lincoln Geiger




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