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Feeder piglets

Why not raise your own pigs?

Few animals on our farm draw as much attention and fascination from visitors as our piglets on pasture.  What is a truly rare sight on most farms these days--pigs on pasture--is the only place we raise our sows, boars and piglets.

The sad fact is that approximately 95% of all pigs raised in the United States never set foot on anything except concrete or plastic-slatted floors.

Our pigs, on the other hand, live outside on pastures and in our woods where they put to use their incredible, innate capacity to forage and root for food. Our pigs always have access to shelter in our portable pig huts as well as access to organic grain, minerals and salt, along with a steady supply of whey from our cheese making operation.  And because our pigs are also outside they find a wide range of edible plants, nuts, berries and roots to supplement their diet.

Our sows farrow in the early spring and then again in the fall. Farrowing is the term for sows giving birth to piglets. Our sows average 12-15 piglets per farrowing and are productive for between 5 and 8 years.

Our piglets are weaned at 6 weeks of age.  By this time they are trained to electric fence, started on grain and whey and have been exposed to lots of people.  None of our pigs are purebreds. We select our breeding stock for temperament, hardiness, fertility and ability to forage successfully in a rotational grazing/foraging pig system.  Most of our farm visitors can't believe how friendly and approachable our sows and boars are.  This isn't the result of random selection; it's the result of knowing the type of animals we want and strictly selecting for those traits.  

Our original sows and our boar (purchased from Sugar Mtn. Farm in Vermont) are a mixture of Tamworth, Yorkshire, Berkshire and a touch of Poland China.

If you choose to raise some of our piglets on your own place for meat, you'll be assured of not only high quality pork but also a satisfying experience. It's not an overstatement to say that raising our piglets will certainly bring a lot of joy into your life.

You'll have your choice of colors and gender (though whether you raise males or females or a combination of both doesn't make any real difference to the end product).  We do not recommend getting just one piglet, however.  Piglets are very social animals. Raising two or three isn't any more difficult than raising one; in fact, it's a lot easier!

We have piglets available in both the spring and fall. Spring-born piglets are highly sought after.  Fall piglets (born in mid-September) are just as easy to raise.  With a simple shelter and plenty of bedding, you can easily raise your piglets over the fall and through the winter.

Interested in getting piglets? Contact us directly here.  Better yet, stop by the farm and take a look at our sows, boars, and current piglets.

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