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In 2012 we expanded our meat offerings to include the highest quality fresh and locally grown meat birds (broilers).  Raised exclusively on green pastures these birds are never fed antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial ingredients. Their ration is a diverse mix of custom ground organic feed, green grass, sunshine and fresh air, which all adds up to real chicken taste!

We put into practice environmentally responsible pasture rotation that allows chickens, pigs, cows and vegetables to happily co-exist in a symbiotic realtionship that is healthy for all.  We use our broiler field pens to graze our broilers where they are needed.  The unique design of the pen allows them to moved forward each day to fresh grass.  This means the chickens stay clean and are offered a fresh grazing of grass every day.

Because the basis of our broiler operation is green grass, we only raise these birds seasonally (mid. May - October).  They are available as fresh (unfrozen ) whole chickens throught out the summer months and are also available frozen (in heavy-duty shrink wrap bags) for use during the winter months.  

They are sold as whole birds only and average between 3.75-5 pounds dressed weight.  We also offer fresh and frozen chicken liver, giblets and chicken feet. Many of our customers can't believe how much chicken feet add to the taste and nutritional value of the chicken stock made with our chicken.

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You're always welcome to visit the farm and join us as we take care of the animals.   

Any questions about the broilers, please email andrew@twcfarm.com

Photo(s) added: JacobOctober 23rd, 2016

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New aerial photo of TWCF farmlands available for viewingMarch 9th, 2016

Now you can see the breadth of our various farmlands up here on Abbot Hill.  From Gage Field to Randi's Field, from the top of Frye Field down to the Hidden Meadow that once was a peach orchard a

New Showcase: Cheesemaking at Abbot Hill CreameryMarch 2nd, 2016

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