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TWCF Farm News: April 8, 2014

Posted 4/7/2014 9:50pm by Andrew Kennedy.

seedlings emerging 

 new piglets sleeping

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New life on the farm is really starting to gather speed and strength.  The relative warmth of the last week has finally begun to penetrate deeper into the long frozen soil.  The cows, pigs and chickens (like all of us) seem more relaxed and also more eager to get out and about to those corners of their (our) world that were closed off by winter's hard crust and cover.
With any luck, Anthony may be able to get out and work the vegetable field above the apprentice house.  Soon, compost can be spread on the vegetable fields along with wood ash on some of the pastures.  The wood ash, now piled out back next to the silo, is used to lower the pH of the soils.  
            wood ash
It acts like lime, though with quicker results, and helps to nurture important pasture plants like clover and other legumes, which in turn fix nitrogen (via their mycorrhizal fungi) from the atmosphere and make that nitrogen available to plants.  
As of today, Monday, there have been forty-four piglets born.  Another two sows are due to farrow some time this week. Golda, one of our first time sows, had ten piglets this afternoon.  Her sister, Bijou, had eleven five days ago.  I was lucky enough to be around when Bijou started farrowing, so I just sat down in the corner of her hut and watched the piglets literally pop out one by one.  With piglets, unlike with calves, birth is not a drawn out process.  One moment they're inside, and the next moment they're out and almost instantly making their way around their mother's hind legs to latch onto the first available teat.  It's survival of the fittest.  Birth order can matter a great deal when you are a piglet.
    piglets nursing
Feel free to come up the hill behind the apprentice house (by the old red shed to the left of the field where the peas and cherry tomatoes usually are) and see the piglets.  It's no exaggeration to say that sight of piglets in the spring will lift the spirits of even the most grumpy soul!
             onion seedlings
We won't have fresh salad greens at the farm till later in the season, but a local grower friend of ours, Steve Brissette (who is growing vegetables at the Groh's farm in West Wilton) does have fresh salad greens and arugula available.
The Salad Greens are in half pound bags for $6.00.
The Arugula is in 1/4 pound bags for $2.50.
WHILE THEY LAST anyone purchasing 2 bags of Salad Greens will receive a free bag of Arugula.
You may call Steve @ 391-7017 or email him.
Terms are cash only.
Cookbooks--It will soon be time for all of the fresh vegetables to be appearing in the Farm Store.  You may be looking for some new ways to prepare them this year.  If so, there are still 5 cookbooks available.  If you are interested, please email Sherry at sjennings@tds.net to make arrangements for pickup.  The cookbooks are $20 each. 
Farm food offerings for the week:
-Creme Fraiche (whole, cultured cream, which is slightly thickened as a result)
-Baby Swiss (an American variation of Emmenthaler, invented by a Swiss cheese maker in the U.S.)
-Roquefort… Hurray, it's back!  This is one of Benjamin's signature cheeses. Enjoy!
-American-style Brie 
for Tuesday (from Benjamin): *Carrot Quark cake
Chicken: good supply, giblets too
Pork: smoked hams, pork roasts, pork liver
Beef: ground beef, steaks, stew meat, roasts, organ meats
Veal: ground veal, steaks, stew meat, organ meats
Thanks to all who attended our annual Pledge Meeting last Saturday.  It is always great to gather as a community.  In the coming year we hope to have more frequent, informal gatherings at the farm-with our farm community and with others--to enjoy the food of the farm and the company of each other.  As the days get warmer still, Benjamin will be able to complete the work on his wood-fired earth oven, which he began in the fall.  Look for updates on this exciting new project (and photos, too) as we head further into spring!
Coming soon to a magnolia tree near you!  A tantalizing photo (taken last year by Lincoln) of the beautiful, old magnolia tree in front of the Hilltop Cafe here at the farm! 
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