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TWCF Farm News: April 15, 2014

Posted 4/14/2014 9:55pm by Andrew Kennedy.

  The rhubarb emerges!

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There is a day 

when the road neither

comes nor goes, and the way

is not a way but a place.
-Wendell Berry
Spring comes to this farm-place of differing slopes and soils, dry highlands and soggy bottomlands, open pastures and perennially rocky vegetable fields and it is both familiar and new.  We farm it knowing so much about it and, yet we know so little.  Maybe that is why we keep farming: to know it all a bit better, to know it all a little more in its mysterious wholeness.
Spring is many things: rhubarb, piglets, peas, the first flush of green grass replacing the bleached pastures of winter, the greasing of tractors, disks and spreaders for the mad rush of field work that must be done.  Somehow it all does get done, even if not in the order that we'd like it to happen!


The farm animals, like all of us, go about their day with a little more lightness in their step.  We have all survived the winter and soon the bounty of grass, roots, shoots, berries and leaves will be upon them (and us)!



Calves, Bernard (left) and Charlotte, enjoying their first 70 degree day.




Some of the 69 piglets born at the farm enjoy rooting through a pile of straw and aged cow manure on their first, truly warm day! Root hog and thrive--isn't that the old saying?




Anthony was able to cultivate and spread compost on the vegetable field this week (above the apprentice house).  With the wind whipping everything about today (Monday) he planted the first of the carrots and beets.  The indentation of the seeder press wheel (in the picture above) shows where the carrot seedlings will emerge.  Good seed to soil contact better allows the seed to wick up soil moisture.




The humble, but so essential, compost pile waits to be added to the rhubarb patch. This smaller pile is what's left of the larger pile that was spread on the field where the carrots will grow.  All compost begins in the barn with the manure from the cows mixing with the hay from the fields.  And through the Biodynamic compost preparations and their actions over the fall and winter months compost is created, something much more than mere cow manure and hay, which is not to say that cow manure and hay are lesser creations! But it is to say that the emergent properties of biodynamic compost are something else all together.



                           Farm food offerings









-Farmhouse Grilling Cheese


Yogurt: remember to return your glass yogurt jars to the blue trays in the milk room for reuse.  




Chicken: good supply

Beef: steaks, roasts, ground beef, organ meats

Veal: steaks, ground veal, organ meats

Pork: ground pork, breakfast sausage, mildly hot Italian sausage,       chorizo sausage (also spicy), pork chops (available on Saturday)



Our hens continue to lay well.  There's nothing like natural sunlight to stimulate egg production.

1-2 dozen/week is okay.  Thanks for returning those egg cartons!  Please continue to return them to the shelf in the farm store next to the meat freezer.


Ready-to-bake PIZZA from Coyote Blue Pizza will continue to be available on Tuesdays and Saturdays.




Enjoy the week ahead! It sounds like the wild weather ride isn't over yet!  




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Photo(s) added: JacobOctober 23rd, 2016

New photo added:

New aerial photo of TWCF farmlands available for viewingMarch 9th, 2016

Now you can see the breadth of our various farmlands up here on Abbot Hill.  From Gage Field to Randi's Field, from the top of Frye Field down to the Hidden Meadow that once was a peach orchard a

New Showcase: Cheesemaking at Abbot Hill CreameryMarch 2nd, 2016

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