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Abbot Hill Creamery

Abbot Hill Creamery at TWC Farm: taking our milk to higher planes of flavor and deeper depths of taste!


Grass-fed, raw milk from our select herd of Ayrshire, Normande and Jersy milking cows is the basis for all our farmstead cheeses and yogurt.  Our cheeses and yogurt are made right here at the farm.  Master cheesemaker, Benjamin Meier, applies the perfect mix of science and art to create world-class cheeses that you can purchase in our farm store and at select specialty stores and farmers' markets in southern NH.




Abbot Hill Creamery is named for the large, long hill upon which most of our farmlands sit.  The historic Abbot family farmstead house sits at the corner of the farmyard and is home to the popular Hilltop Cafe, where visitors cannot only enjoy delicious local food, coffee and tea but also take in the sights and sounds of the ever changing life of the farm.


       photo of farmstead cheeses

Variety is the spice of life and so it is, too, with cheese.  And while Benjamin produces certain types of cheese, like Camembert, Feta and Quark (a tangy, German-style cream cheese) on a regular basis, many of the other cheeses, such as fresh Mozzarella, are only available in limited quantities during a narrow window of release.


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Our plain, unstrained, whole milk yogurt is always available in returnable quart glass jars both at our farm store and at the Hilltop Cafe.



Our other cheese varieties 

(check availability):


Abbot Hill Blue (creamy blue cheese)  


   High Mowing (farmstead gouda)   


    Cheddar (a sharp classic)      



Souhegan (aromatic, washed-rind cheese)



Caerphilly (Welsh-style cheddar)  



Camembert (creamy Brie-style)



Feta (fresh Greek cheese)  



  Montasio (sweet, nutty mountain cheese)



Parmesan (sharp grating cheese)    



 Quark (German cream cheese)


Savage Road (sharp, spicy aged cheese)




 Temple Mountain (alpine-style cheese)



Tomme  (French mountain cheese)  



Our cheeses can also be found at the following stores and farmers' markets during the winter months as well as at additional farmers' markets during the summer months.

During the winter we'll be at the Concord Winter Market at Cole Gardens on Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm and on Sundays at the Salem,NH Farmers' Market from 10 am- 2 pm.

In Peterborough, NH our cheeses can be found year-round at Nature's Green Grocer.




cheese photo

Be sure to check out the "Cheese Slideshow" for pictures of our cheese cave and the cheese making process.



Photo(s) added: JacobOctober 23rd, 2016

New photo added:

New aerial photo of TWCF farmlands available for viewingMarch 9th, 2016

Now you can see the breadth of our various farmlands up here on Abbot Hill.  From Gage Field to Randi's Field, from the top of Frye Field down to the Hidden Meadow that once was a peach orchard a

New Showcase: Cheesemaking at Abbot Hill CreameryMarch 2nd, 2016

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